On Friday March 9, I'm not going to speak.

The missions of Silence 4 Speech are to raise awareness of the effect of what we choose to say (or not to say) as an impact on ourselves and others, and also to foster an understanding of the importance of free speech.

We hear about it on the news constantly, this government censors its people's free speech, or that teenager committed suicide because she thought there was no better way to escape others' cruel words. But what is the best way to combat these issues?

We're not going to ask you for money, send you a plethora of newsletters, or display upsetting pictures of children in third world countries. We are glad, however, to encourage everyone to take a day to reflect on their actions, and provide a safe place for discussion.

On Friday March 9 2012, some of us will be taping our mouths shut to draw attention to the cause. If you'd like to join us, you are encouraged to wear tape as well, but most certainly not required to. If you feel uncomfortable with this exercise, but would like to support the cause, feel free to take the vow of silence for only a portion of the day. The main goal of the event is to inspire consideration. If at any point during the day, you feel as though it jeopardizes you or anyone else to refrain from speaking, please use your best judgement accordingly.


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